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The US Wars of Aggression

By Dom Nozzi

April 8, 2017

There is a political consensus in the US that military aggression is desirable.

This is inexcusable.

The US has become a militarized nation that has normalized war crimes. In the name of “democracy” and “humanitarianism.”

Republicans and Democrats have both been cheerleading for more militarism for decades, which, in combination with the US being the only superpower that remains at the time of this writing, has made the US the leading terrorist nation in world history.

It is unsustainable, counterproductive, and criminal for the US to play the role of global policeman. Every war fought by every nation in world history (including Ancient Rome, Nazi Germany, North Vietnam, Iraq, North Korea, the Soviet Union, etc.) has been justified by the government claiming to bring the invaded nation more security, protection, humanitarianism, justice, freedom, civilization, democracy, and/or salvation from tyranny.

These justifications are a ruse used by the aggressor nation to convince the populace of the aggressor nation that the attack is just. The US is supremely guilty of this ploy (and the number one purveyor of this ploy in world history) ever since at least Korea and probably back further than that in many cases. For more understanding about this, read “Morality Wars: How Empires, the Born Again and the Politically Correct Do Evil in the Name of Good.” Also read “The New American Militarism,” which describes the US political consensus that wars of aggression are good (as well as the bi-partisan support for the crazy high military expenditures the US now makes annually).

Since at least the Vietnam War, the US has utterly failed to learn the lesson that even overwhelming military force can NEVER defeat a guerrilla force assembled by the nation being attacked by the US, and tends to lead to endless, counterproductive wars. The only beneficiaries of endless wars are the military contractors and elected officials leveraging the military jobs for votes.

Read “War of the Flea” for an explanation of that reality.

To his eternal credit, near the end of the Civil War, Robert E. Lee refused to accept a recommendation from his generals of the Confederate Army that the South engage in guerrilla war. He knew that if that was done, the Civil War would have lasted for several decades and destroyed the nation.

The US should have NEVER invaded (or bombed) Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and other suffering nations in the Middle East. Because of our inhumane, unjust 20137256237522734_20invasion and bombing of those nations, none of us alive today will be able to escape the fact that we will need to fear the “blowback” retaliatory attacks against US domestic targets for the remainder of our lives. In other words, terrorism in the US and the rest of the world will be more severe than in the past for the next several decades — if not centuries. For the remainder of the lives of those Americans alive today, we will also have to contend with on-going violent actions in America by psychologically damaged veterans of these endless wars, and the high levels of medical expenses and homelessness that veterans bring home with them.

All of these terrible legacies are thanks to the counterproductive US Wars of Aggression (which the George W. Bush administration chose to call the “War on Terror”).

For the record, a nation cannot conduct a war against an ideology or religion or a military tactic (which the US Wars of Aggression seek to do).

I have long given up on voting for a Democrat (or Republican) for president due to the bi-partisan support for US military aggression.

Our future in America is grim, in part because we have no viable political party to vote for which will work to end the endless, senseless, obscene Wars of Aggression.


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Boondoggle or Quagmire?

By Dom Nozzi

February 16, 2017

Not only are our road “improvements” counterproductive (our road system is more dangerous and congested now than it has ever been — after a century of “improvements”), but our 15-plus years of fighting against terrorism has created way more terrorists today than existed when the fighting started in 2001.

Our nation (and Europe) is more in danger of terrorism now than it has ever been. This would all be comical were it not so tragic. Let’s see…how many trillions of dollars have we spent on road “improvements” and the “war” on terror?headlineImage.adapt.1460.high.US_war_on_terror_a.1428940320745

Isn’t this similar to how the Roman Empire fell? Or the Soviet Union?

This is the very definition of a boondoggle. Or is it a quagmire?

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Should the US Ban Muslim Immigrants?

By Dom Nozzi

January 31, 2017

In January of 2017, Donald Trump was blasted for proposing a ban on Muslim immigration into the US.

I believe I am about the only person on the political left who is not attacking Trump for his Muslim ban.

I’m sorry, but the ban (or some form of aggressive vetting at points of entry) seems reasonable to me.

The US has been bombing Syria back to the stone age for several years, and as a consequence has 05996fc52c8bc14d89e2f515678638f1killed many thousands of innocent people.

Is it not reasonable to conclude that there are a LOT of Syrians who have now dedicated their lives to exact violent retribution against the US. That many of those understandably enraged people are now motivated to travel to the US and kill as many Americans as possible?

I for one would be FURIOUS if my family had been killed by a bombing raid. I can easily see myself wanting to travel to the nation responsible for the bombing to kill people in that nation.

Where has the outrage been with regard to the US bombing of places such as Syria (and many other nations in the Middle East)? THAT is where the protests should have been directed.

The US has murdered so many hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East (and elsewhere) over the past 40-50 years that we will have to be afraid of attacks on us by Middle Easterners for the rest of our lives.

The US needs to immediately get the hell out of the Middle East.

Why are we attacking a proposed immigration ban when we should be loudly protesting against our government (both Trump now and Obama over the past eight years) for our many wars of aggression? Aggression which continues, to this day, to kill so many innocent people in seven Middle Eastern nations?

Yes, prohibiting immigration based on country of origin is, in normal times, inexcusable. But the US has blood on its hands for our bombing outrages, and immigration bans (or aggressive vetting at points of entry) are a terrible price we – as a Warrior Nation — may have to pay for the remainder of our lives.

So much for our admirable reputation of being a melting pot…

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Middle East Blowback


By Dom Nozzi

July 3, 2016

After spending 15 years and trillions of military dollars to obliterate Afghanistan and Iraq (and a number of other places in the Middle East) over the past 15 years (and counting), US presidents and the US military have made the US much less safe.

We are certain to see “blowback” (violent retaliation for wrongs suffered at the hands of the American military) from understandably enraged people from the Middle East throughout the US for the rest of our lives.

We are periodically seeing violent shootings in the US committed by US veterans who have returned from the Middle East and appear to be suffering from PTSD or other forms of war-related mental disorders. This sort of blowback is, of course, not the traditional lblowback of foreigners who have attacked America in retaliation, but US citizens who have served in the US military. This “internal” blowback was something America continues to suffer from the Vietnam war.

I am certain that we will see a lot of blowback for a long, long time. The past 15 years of military misadventure is one of the most tragic, counterproductive mistakes in US history. A terrible loss of life and money.

And because it has made us less safe, it can also be rightly called a gigantic boondoggle. The only “beneficiaries” are those in the military and surveillance industries, who have been greatly enriched.

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Why I and Millions of Others on the Left Will Not Be Voting for Hillary Clinton

By Dom Nozzi

September 21, 2016

For my entire adult life, I have been firmly on the left, politically.

In 2008, I voted for Obama because I was convinced that his views were adequately consistent with my own. In his two terms of office, however, it turned out that his views are generally “Republican Lite.” See, for example, https://domdangerous.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/americas-two-party-electoral-system-is-broken/

I am very disappointed in him. And in my being fooled by him.

Hillary Clinton is not even being coy about her remarkably right wing views. She is far more to the right than even Obama.

 Hillary Clinton is clearly a DINO (Democrat in name only). I utterly refuse to vote for a right-winger, and despise the counterproductive idea of voting for a lesser evil. I have had no choice but to vote for the lesser evil for my entire life. What has “lesser evil” 12107265_440026862867494_513858007444231262_nvoting done for the political left? Since 1976, Democratic presidents have moved further and further to the political right. Republican presidents have also moved further and further to the political right. Seems like a losing game for those on the left.

Perhaps my most important issue is seeing that the US stop its seemingly endless “War on Terror.” Actually, it is the “War to Endlessly Fund the Pentagon & Create More People Who Hate the US.” Obama has been, by far, the most militaristic president in US history, given his ramping up or starting countless interventionist wars of aggression in the Middle East that have no end in sight. A huge number of Middle Eastern cities have been brutally bombed and leveled during the Obama years, and millions of civilians have been killed or made homeless – thereby creating a huge increase in the number of “terrorists” who will hate the US for the remainder of their lives. Obama has adopted military budgets that are far higher than any previous president, has continued the unforgivable US subsidies and transfers of weapons (and many other forms of support) to the militaristic and genocidal Israeli government, continued the use of torture and keeping Guatanamo Bay detention camp open, and has substantially ramped up the criminal drone warfare program (a form of assassination without trial responsible for killing many innocents). Ironically, Obama has been the first president in US history to be given a Nobel Peace Prize despite his being the most warmongering president in US history, which in my mind, utterly destroys the credibility of the Nobel Committee.

Hillary Clinton has been the most militaristic presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential nomination process and promises to perpetuate and further ramp up this vote-against-the-repub-maybe-next-time-we-can-vote-for-changeendless, ruinous warfare. If her rhetoric is to be believed (and I have no reason to disbelieve her on this, given her track record as Secretary of State), she will be far more militaristic than a President Trump – particularly because Democratic presidents are given a free hand to do anything militarily (no matter how uncalled for), because unlike a Republican president, both Republican AND Democratic House and Senate members fully support aggressive militarism when done by a Democratic president. Hillary Clinton indicates she will be even more of an Israel lapdog than Obama. For these reasons alone, it is exquisitely shameful that anyone on the left would vote for Hillary. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/05/08/we_cant_vote_for_either_one_on_world_stage_clinton_and_trump_present_different_but_serious_dangers/

Hillary Clinton has been substantially corrupted by huge sums of lobby dollars from Wall 10421236_688936084581901_5921515919292941306_nStreet and military contractors. In the primaries in 2016, she raised over $20.3 million in Super PAC dollars, and $38.8 million in large donor contributions. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/05/09/hillary_clinton_is_wall_streets_preferred_candidate_financial_execs_pouring_millions_into_her_campaign_to_defeat_trum/?source=newsletter

Neoconservatives who are extremely hawkish are flocking to Hillary Clinton. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/05/09/hard_line_right_wing_war_hawk_max_boot_applauds_hillary_clinton_in_op_ed/?source=newsletter

In May of 2016, The New York Times stated that Hillary Clinton was the only military hawk left in the presidential race. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/04/27/democrats_this_is_why_you_need_to_fear_hillary_clinton_the_ny_times_is_absolutely_right_shes_a_bigger_hawk_than_the_republicanse/


A long list of those on the far right are backing Hillary Clinton. A large percentage are doing so because of her many right wing views. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/04/26/a_progressive_in_name_only_charles_koch_joins_a_long_list_of_right_wingers_who_have_lauded_hillary_clinton/

Hillary Clinton intends to aggressively continue the ruinous War on Drugs. See, for example, https://www.merryjane.com/news/want-marijuana-legalized-then-donald-trump-is-your-best-option

Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq war. This position alone should be a deal-breaker for any thinking person.

Hillary Clinton supported the Patriot Act in 2001. Again, this alone should be enough to convince anyone on the left not to vote for her.

Hillary Clinton supports the death penalty.

Hillary Clinton supports the US continuing to spend a disproportionate amount of money on NATO (way more than other members of NATO).

Hillary Clinton is silent on the pressing need to revitalize passenger rail in the US.

Hillary Clinton supports the Keystone XL pipeline.

Hillary Clinton supports border fence legislation.

Hillary Clinton supports offshore oil drilling.

Hillary Clinton’s personal net worth is $21.5 million.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, she supported the second amendment, stood by her vote in support of the Iraq war, and opposed same sex marriage.

As a Young Republican, Hillary Clinton worked for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton supports fracking.12743867_239722933028750_4058262213410045470_n

Hillary Clinton opposes reinstating Glass Steagall (or other Wall St regulations).

Hillary is a great example of a “Rockefeller Republican” from the 70s. See, for example, http://www.salon.com/2016/08/21/clinton-isnt-the-perfect-gop-nominee-but-she-is-the-conservative-option-for-2016/?source=newsletter

Clinton Cash (a book and documentary movie) is devastating. If even a fraction of it is accurate, it indicates a level of corruption on the part of Bill and Hillary Clinton that is breathtaking, and exposes a shocking level of hypocrisy — their “liberal” statements seem to be easily thrown out the window when big money is offered to them. Upon leaving office, Bill and Hillary inform us they are broke. Today, they have amassed something on the order of $200 million. The book and movie indicate that this money looks very dirty.


Polls show that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Republican candidates such as Donald Trump by a far larger margin than Hillary Clinton. This is in part because millions of people on the political left – including me – will stay home (or vote for a Third Party politifact-photos-hilberniestarkdifferencecandidate such as Jill Stein) and not vote for Hillary Clinton. With a largely right wing agenda, Hillary Clinton is having enormous difficulty trying to motivate those on the left to vote for her. Given her shockingly right wing platform, she is utterly failing to energize the left wing base. She and her supporters have only one tool to energize the Left (since her -agenda is so right wing): Terrify them by repeatedly beating the drum about how the WORLD WILL END IF TRUMP IS ELECTED.

See, for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msiBZwqLhzA

A good essay on why it is better to vote your conscience rather than a lesser evil: http://ivn.us/2015/12/21/discredit-two-party-system-vote-conscience/

Another: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/09/clinton-trump-president-lesser-evil/

Another: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/ralph-nader-bernie-sanders-lesser-evilism-20160620

Another: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/resist-lesser-evilism/

democrats-to-the-leftI am utterly done with voting for a lesser evil (in this case, dems-promise-to-move-to-left-after-electionhaving to vote for a DINO like Hillary). Lesser evil voting has resulted in the Dems becoming increasingly right wing and perpetuates the downwardly spiraling shift to the right. Having to choose between a Right Winger and an extreme right winger is no choice at all. Certainly not what a democracy should offer.

Who would have ever guessed, 30 years ago, that in 2016, the Democrats are the war-monger party, the everything-is-fine complacency party, the corporate-funded party, and the Drug War party?

What lesson does the Democratic Party learn if Hillary Clinton wins? We can continue to nominate a Republican as a presidential candidate and win the election.

Hillary’s Popularity is Abysmal

Donald Trump may be the most awful, disgusting, terrifying presidential candidate in history. Every derogatory term imaginable is used against him endless. He is a racist! A misogynist! A sexist! A bully! A moron! A molester! A fascist! And yet despite all this, in late September he was neck and neck with Clinton in polls. http://www.dailywire.com/news/5361/can-trump-beat-hillary-here-are-latest-polls-james-barrett#

Given the hideous characteristics of Trump, one would think that even a high school dropout dog-catcher would be ahead by double digits. This can at least partly be explained by the fact that Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most disliked Democratic presidential candidate in history (for good reason, in my opinion).



Possibly most worrisome of all for Hillary Clinton is that she has very low approval ratings among the “millennial” generation (which is our future, by the way).


A question for “lesser evil” voters on the political left: If Hitler was running against Trump, would you vote for Trump? He is clearly less evil than Hitler.

People wonder why I am not sufficiently terrified of Donald Trump. Why I am not so afraid 13709857_10154383469821602_8787425651648583412_nof Trump that I see, like all reasonable people, the essential need to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though “she is not perfect” (that is like saying that winters on the North Pole are a bit chilly).

Frankly, I am far more terrified of the fact that millions of people on the political left will vote in November for a Republican: Hillary Clinton.

It is painfully clear from the above that Hillary Clinton is on the political right. Her views match quite well with mainstream Republican views from, say, the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

So the dilemma for Hillary Clinton and her supporters is this: How to convince those on the political left to vote for a mainstream Republican such as Hillary Clinton? It will certainly not be effective to trumpet her views, as they are so clearly on the political right. The only tactic left — and its a shamefully manipulative one — is to scare the hell out of those on the political left: “Would you rather vote for a Republican? Or (gasp!) an insane, ignorant, violent, racist fascist???”

Another fear-mongering tactic that I am so very tired of hearing from Democrats is the scare tactic used for the past several elections: “We must vote for the admittedly flawed Democratic candidate because a Republican president will nominate horrible Supreme Court nominees!!” We are to believe, in other words, that the Democratic Party, which is now so blatantly corrupted by Wall Street dollars, Corporate dollars, and militarism dollars will nominate “good” Supremes.

Millions on the political left — including me — are leaving the Democratic Party. We will never again vote for a Democratic presidential candidate until the corporate and militarism corruption of the Democratic Party ends. Hillary Clinton is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Corrupted by millions in campaign contributions, she is a corporate and military puppet. We will not look the other way and vote for such a candidate out of fear. We are done with voting AGAINST someone. Voting against someone, rather than FOR someone, is, ultimately, a losing, failed political strategy. It has no real power to energize the base voters.

Unfortunately, fear is all that remains for Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

I am sorry to inform such fear-mongers that I won’t be scared into voting for a Republican. Shame on those on the political left who are voting for Hillary Clinton out of fear. And then trying to shame the millions of us on the political left who will either vote for a Third Party candidate or not vote at all.

When the only “choice” is for the political left to vote for a Republican or a Nazi, the only reasonable option is to send a message by not continuing to play the game of “lesser evil” voting that the political left has been forced to play for decades.

It is time for the political left to draw a line in the sand and refuse to vote for a Big Business and Big Military candidate simply because the opponent is claimed to be terrifying.

These video clips from Jimmy Dore are all worth watching:


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