About Dom Nozzi

Dom Nozzi has a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a Master’s in town planning from Florida State University. For 20 years, he was a senior planner for Gainesville FL and briefly the growth rate control planner for Boulder CO. He maintains an independent consulting practice in which he writes, edits, and speaks about street design, urban design, and quality of life. His primary professional skills are in urban design (particularly walkable streets and form-based codes), transportation choice, “plain English” land development codes promoting quality of life, long-range comprehensive planning, and inspirational, understandable, educational public presentations. He was a Neighborhood Association president from 1999 to 2005. He was a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. He has authored several environmental, transportation and urban design plans and regulations for Gainesville. He is in Who’s Who for the South & Southwest.  His books are 50 Years of Adventures, Debacles and Achievements: The Story of My Life; The Car is the Enemy of the City, and Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It. He has served on the Board of Directors for Bike/Walk Virginia. He is a Complete Streets Instructor for the National Complete Streets Coalition, and an adjunct professor for the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mr. Nozzi is a lifelong bicycle and pedestrian commuter. He currently lives in Boulder CO, and serves on the Boulder Transportation Advisory Board. He previously served on the PLAN-Boulder County Board of Directors. He is a prolific writer, reader, cook, dancer, world traveler, skier, hiker, mountain bicyclist, kayaker and outdoor adventurer.