Republicans Adopt Left Wing Agenda and Democrats Adopt a Right Wing Agenda


By Dom Nozzi

November 22, 2016

Has American politics shifted to the Right as Democrats move to the political Right? Or are the Democrats and Republicans shifting sides?

Wars started by Democrats

Bill Clinton passed NAFTA, gutted welfare, and exploded the prison population.

Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency.
Ronald Reagan reduced American weapons more than any president in US history.4651031e199584e15518435378568b8a

Barrack Obama says to look forward, not backward (no Wall Street bankers or “War on Terror” torturers imprisoned).

Jimmy Dore on Democrats acting like Republicans:

Bill Clinton’s legacy:

  • The multi-lateral free trade deal NAFTA (still in effect and destroying American manufacturing).
  • The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on openly LGBT people serving in our Armed Forces (repealed many years after Bill Clinton left office).
  • The federal “Defense of Marriage Act” that prohibited the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages (ruled unconstitutional by a conservative U.S. Supreme Court many years after Bill Clinton left office).
  • The “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” federal religious discrimination statute (still in effect and used by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow private-sector businesses to discriminate against women).
  • The gutting of America’s welfare system (still in effect).
  • The 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill (many provisions are still in effect and contributing America’s mass incarceration problem).

More evidence of Democrats acting like Republicans:



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