Facebook Comments Directed at Me in the Fall of 2016 Regarding My Presidential Election Views


Rob Brinkman [a friend of mine for several years]: Fuck you, Dom. [In response to my FB comment to a Mark Sexton post comparing Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. I said “Shame on those on the political left who would vote for a DINO [Clinton].”

Colin Whitworth [a friend of mine for several years]: You’ve lost your fucking mind, Dom. [He then unfriended me on Facebook.]

Kathie J Smith: Dom Nozzi well you could start by maybe getting your head out of your ass.

Gina Hawkins [a friend of mine for several years]: I can’t believe you are being such an idiot. I have some land to sell you in south Florida…

Gina Hawkins [in reference to my traumatic brain injury in 1996]: That knock to your head was worse than I thought.

Dave Newport [a friend of mine for several years]: You’re truly an idiot. You should write in Trump and make America stupid again.

Joe Courter [a friend of mine for several years]: You know Dom, for being a rational free-thinker, you are taking a huge leap of faith in your self righteous vote your conscience advocacy… get real.

Mary Del Balzo (my sister): I won’t bother to respond. I know from previous elections that you are beyond help. [She then unfriended me on Facebook.]

Jane D Myers: You can’t changed closed minds.

Francoise Poinsatte [a good friend of mine]: : What is wrong with you, Dom?? I can’t stand to see you bad mouthing Hillary on everything, and hardly even mentioning Trump. … In the meantime, you may get your fervent wish, as Trump appears to be gaining in the polls, and we may have to contend with the nightmare of his presidency. I highly disrespect all I have seen you post on facebook recently. I believe you have lost a lot of respect with your constant diatribes against Hillary Clinton. [She then unfriended me on Facebook.]

Grant Thrall [a good friend and colleague for several years]: : Dom’s way is “my way or the highway.” No compromise. Just like the t-party Republicans. That can bring an end to the nation.

Steve Manning [a friend of mine for several years]: Which means you didn’t care who won. Noted. You stood by. Easy to do when you don’t have kids. you stood by. Good bye. [He immediately unfriended me on Facebook. This was after more than 40 years of our being good friends.]

Betsy MacWhinney [a friend from high school]: I’m so fucking tired of people call themselves “Progressive” but are fine with the country heading back to 1952.

In all, 11 Facebook friends unfriended me during the 2016 presidential campaign. I blame much of the above hostility to the extreme, 24/7 attacking from the US corporate media, which has continued since Trump’s election. Even relatively educated people have, at least partly as a result, lost their minds in their fury over Trump. “HE IS THE MOST EVIL, STUPID, AWFUL HUMAN IN HISTORY!!! THE WORLD WILL END THE DAY HE IS ELECTED!!! I’M TERRIFIED AND WILL HIDE UNDER MY BED!!!”

I am certain that the media hostility toward Trump has destroyed a great many friendships and family relationships. I am firmly on the political left and have very little sympathy for Trump, but the media opposition to Trump was shockingly one-sided.  trump-as-hitler-2

I’ve never seen anything like it. Almost like living in the former Soviet Union with Pravda as the media.




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