Did Leftists Oppose Hillary Clinton Due to White Privilege?


By Dom Nozzi

November 7, 2006

A common charge I heard from supporters of Hillary Clinton when they learned that I, a political leftist, was opposed to Clinton, was to claim that my opposition was due to my “white privilege” status. In other words, I was able to overlook the horrible things that her opponent, Donald Trump, would do to minorities and lower-income folks — if he were elected – because it would not affect me nearly as much as those groups.

Over and over this charge was unfairly directed toward those of us on the left who refused to vote for Hillary.

Why unfair?

Because Hillary and her supporters must explain how it is okay that Hillary, as Secretary of State and Senator (and now in her statements as a presidential candidate), strongly pushed for Kissinger-like warfare in the Middle East and Central America.gty_david_petraeus_hillary_clinton_jt_140209_16x9_608

That bombing killed tens of thousands of innocent Muslims, Blacks/Browns, and single mothers in the Middle East and Central America. Those people are just as human and deserving of life and freedom from US aggression as those in the US.

But wait, there’s more.

Hillary has supported NAFTA, TPP, deregulating Wall Street, fracking, and deportation of women and children back to Central and South America. She seemingly has no sympathy for Israeli aggression/apartheid for the Palestinian women and children (and Muslims). Her policies have destroyed many Black/Brown, Muslim, Hispanic, and single working mother lives with her full-throated support of the ruinous war on drugs. As Secretary of State, she intervened on behalf of the corporate garment industry exploiting defacto slave labor and had the rate changed back to 31 cents.

In sum, she is at least partly responsible for many deaths of Hispanic, Black/Brown, Muslim, and single women, and as an apparently callous multi-multi-multi one percenter millionaire, the economic policies she supports have financially crushed those same groups.

Seems to me, given this sordid laundry list I just summarized, it is those who support Hillary who are more appropriately labeled white, privileged white people in a bubble who have no qualms about crushing Hispanics, Blacks/Browns, Muslims, or single mothers.


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