Middle East Blowback


By Dom Nozzi

July 3, 2016

After spending 15 years and trillions of military dollars to obliterate Afghanistan and Iraq (and a number of other places in the Middle East) over the past 15 years (and counting), US presidents and the US military have made the US much less safe.

We are certain to see “blowback” (violent retaliation for wrongs suffered at the hands of the American military) from understandably enraged people from the Middle East throughout the US for the rest of our lives.

We are periodically seeing violent shootings in the US committed by US veterans who have returned from the Middle East and appear to be suffering from PTSD or other forms of war-related mental disorders. This sort of blowback is, of course, not the traditional lblowback of foreigners who have attacked America in retaliation, but US citizens who have served in the US military. This “internal” blowback was something America continues to suffer from the Vietnam war.

I am certain that we will see a lot of blowback for a long, long time. The past 15 years of military misadventure is one of the most tragic, counterproductive mistakes in US history. A terrible loss of life and money.

And because it has made us less safe, it can also be rightly called a gigantic boondoggle. The only “beneficiaries” are those in the military and surveillance industries, who have been greatly enriched.


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