What My 2016 Voter Ballot Looks Like in Boulder, Colorado


By Dom Nozzi

I have always been proud to call myself a political progressive. And I spend a great deal of time ballot-boxjpg-83e9335f91dea090reading as much as I can about candidates and issues on the ballot.

As a matter of principle, I never vote for judges, as judges are not allowed to state their opinions on legal matters when they run for office. This should be an appointed position, not a popularity contest by uninformed (by law) voters.

For more details about why I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, see the following blogs:

A Progressive Responds to the Hillary Clinton Bullies


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Slogan


Why I Am Not Voting for Hillary Clinton


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my reasoning behind any of these.


President Jill Stein (Green Party)
US Senator Arn Menconi (Green Party)
Representative to the US Congress, District 2 Jared Polis (Dem)
County Commissioner, District 1 Elise Jones (Dem)
County Commissioner, District 2 Deb Gardner (Dem)
Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare) Yes
Amendment 71 (Amending the CO Constitution) No
Proposition 106 (Death with Dignity) Yes
Proposition 107 (Primary, Not Caucus) Yes
Propositin 108 (Companion to 107: opens down-ballot primaries to unaffiliated voters) Yes
County Issue 1B (Open Space Tax) Yes
County Issue 1C (Sustainability Tax) Yes
Boulder Issue 2H (Sugary Beverage Tax) Yes
Boulder Issue 2J (Insurance Benefits for Council) Yes
Boulder Question 302 (Term Limits for Council) Yes



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