Hillary’s Campaign Slogan: “I’ll Drive America Off a Cliff in Five Days! My Opponent Will Do It in THREE days!”

By Dom Nozzi

Hillary Clinton has an astonishingly right wing, Republican agenda in her 2016 Presidential campaign. See my blog: https://goo.gl/J4cEYR

Given this, how do supporters of Hillary Clinton strive to energize their Democratic, left-of-center base? How do they, in other words, differentiate Hillary Clinton from her opponent?

Since both major party candidates are on the political right, her supporters are left with the exceptionally weak tactic of lesser-evilism. Is it any wonder that she is neck and neck in the polls (instead of being double digits ahead) with a man who is perhaps the most disgusting, dangerous presidential candidate in history? https://goo.gl/qwrDc2

Bad. But LESS Bad Than Trump

Donald Trump is trigger happy and will start wars on a whim! Hillary will continue our endless wars in the Middle East (but will “only” kill 100,000 civilians instead of 150,000 by Trump), and continue to allocate “only” $500 billion to the bloated Pentagon (instead of $600 billion by Trump).

Donald Trump will destroy our environment! Hillary will support fracking, off-shore oil drilling, and the Keystone Pipeline, but will do those things more “gently” than Trump.hillary-positions

Donald Trump will give Wall Street bankers and big corporations free reign! Hillary opposes reinstating Glass Steagall (or other Wall St regulations), but she will nicely ask Corporate America to please not hurt families when they continue to financially ruin the Middle Class.

Donald Trump won’t regulate guns! When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, she supported the second amendment. But she is giving some thought to continuing the status quo on our existing gun laws.

Donald Trump is a billionaire who therefore doesn’t understand the Middle Class! Hillary Clinton is “only” worth $21.5 million.

Donald Trump will take away our privacy! Hillary Clinton supported the Patriot Act in 2001, but we are guessing that she did so grudgingly.

Lesser Evil Voting is Ethically Monstrous

I recently asked “lesser evil” Hillary supporters if they would vote for Trump if he were running against Hitler (since he is clearly more evil than Trump). One person showed that he was a lesser evil extremist, as he unapologetically stated that he would certainly vote for Trump in such a circumstance. Really? Hillary and her supporters regularly and hysterically note that Trump is a hot-tempered, unpredictable person and therefore it would be exceptionally dangerous for such a person to have his finger on the nuclear arsenal. I presume my lesser evil friend would share this understandable concern, as a military leader who would support a preemptive use of nuclear missiles (as Trump presumably would support) is a leader who is willing to vaporize several million people. So here we have my lesser evil friend claiming he would vote for Trump against Hitler to, as he put it, help avert the massacre of 6 million Jews. But to do that, he is willing to vote for a man who he fears is likely to kill, say, 5 million Iranians? Really? To my lesser evil friend, it does not occur to him that the ethical voting choice is obvious: Don’t vote for “6 million murderer” Hitler OR “5 million murderer” Trump. In what universe can an ethical person think that voting for a person likely to obliterate 5 million civilians is “acceptable” because it (potentially) averts 6 million being killed?


In sum, Hillary and her supporters can only proclaim that she is “LESS BAD” than Trump. Yes, she will drive us off a cliff, but will do it more slowly than Trump.

This is, to put it mildly, a less than inspiring message to bring out the vote. In response to Hillary’s utterly uninspiring, lesser-evil, right wing agenda, millions on the left will not vote, or will vote for a third party candidate. This infuriates Hillary’s supporters. Since her supporters cannot sing the praises of Hillary’s drive-off-the-cliff-more-slowly agenda, they are (appropriately) stuck with using Republican tactics: fear-mongering, name-calling, shaming, abusive language, belittlement, outrage, and bullying (“Yes, but Trump’s supporters do that WORSE!!”)

For example, in recent days I have had people tell me that “you’ve lost your fucking mind,” and that “you could start by maybe getting your head out of your ass.”

Oh, wait. I forgot. Trump’s supporters would be even MORE abusive.

Sorry. I will not vote for abusive rather than more abusive. I will not vote for someone who trump-hillarywill be a kinder and gentler war-monger-in-chief. I will not vote for someone who will be environmentally destructive but supports curbside recycling. I will not vote for someone who is an out-of-touch, uber-wealthy millionaire because she is “only” a millionaire.

My vote is too valuable to waste it on someone driving us off a cliff more slowly than her opponent. My vote will only go to someone who is interested in turning away from the cliff.



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