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What My 2016 Voter Ballot Looks Like in Boulder, Colorado


By Dom Nozzi

I have always been proud to call myself a political progressive. And I spend a great deal of time ballot-boxjpg-83e9335f91dea090reading as much as I can about candidates and issues on the ballot.

As a matter of principle, I never vote for judges, as judges are not allowed to state their opinions on legal matters when they run for office. This should be an appointed position, not a popularity contest by uninformed (by law) voters.

For more details about why I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, see the following blogs:

A Progressive Responds to the Hillary Clinton Bullies

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Slogan

Why I Am Not Voting for Hillary Clinton

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my reasoning behind any of these.


President Jill Stein (Green Party)
US Senator Arn Menconi (Green Party)
Representative to the US Congress, District 2 Jared Polis (Dem)
County Commissioner, District 1 Elise Jones (Dem)
County Commissioner, District 2 Deb Gardner (Dem)
Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare) Yes
Amendment 71 (Amending the CO Constitution) No
Proposition 106 (Death with Dignity) Yes
Proposition 107 (Primary, Not Caucus) Yes
Propositin 108 (Companion to 107: opens down-ballot primaries to unaffiliated voters) Yes
County Issue 1B (Open Space Tax) Yes
County Issue 1C (Sustainability Tax) Yes
Boulder Issue 2H (Sugary Beverage Tax) Yes
Boulder Issue 2J (Insurance Benefits for Council) Yes
Boulder Question 302 (Term Limits for Council) Yes



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A Progressive Responds to the Hillary Clinton Bullies

By Dom Nozzi

October 14, 2016

I have been bashed, beaten up, shamed, shunned, ridiculed, patronized, attacked, and bullied by my many sanctimonious friends on the political left during this 2016 presidential election. Here are some of my responses to their questions, comments, and arguments.

“We Should Organize and Hold Hillary’s Feet to the Fire AFTER the Election”

The left needs to learn from history. Too often, when the left was urged to vote for Obama and other Dem prez candidates who were centrists or a bit right of center, we have been told to “organize and oppose AFTER the ‘moderate’ Dem is elected.” What happened after we were told this about Obama and he was elected? The left opposition to war and Wall Street corruption (etc.) disappeared. There has been almost zero opposition to Obama on his aggressive, interventionist, warmongering ways from the left. When a Dem is elected prez, they always get a pass from Dems on the right wing things they do. I am certain the anti-war left will NOT organize to oppose Hillary on her militarism (which in some ways makes her much more dangerous than Trump, since both the Dems and Repubs will support her militarism). Electing Hillary will continue to silence the anti-war left and the anti-wall street left, who have been shamefully silent under Obama. Fear is a losing strategy for the left. I am unwilling to perpetuate that by voting out of fear of the opponent. By voting for a “kinder, gentler” Republican (Hillary). The left needs to be honest about Hillary’s right wing flaws NOW. The left needs to criticize her NOW. IMO, it is naive, given history, to expect the opposition from the left to be there after she is elected. Don’t hold your breath on that happening. It won’t. We will not be able to reform the 2-party system by continuing to vote for a major party candidate. It is a recipe for moving Dem candidates further and further to the right. Hillary, for example, is by far the most right wing Dem prez candidate in my lifetime (if not ever). Lesson for the DNC if Hillary is elected: Keep nominating right wingers for prez, since Hillary shows it is a successful strategy.

You Will Be Responsible for Trump Winning!

The responsibility for Trump winning rests with the Democratic National Committee, which worked hard and possibly unethically to nominate HIllary, a Republican. Responsibility also resides w/ Democrats who voted for a Republican (Hillary) who polls far worse against Trump than do folks like Bernie — in part because she has a Republican agenda and therefore has no way to mobilize her Democratic base except to terrify voters about Trump. As has been pointed out, every time Hillary speaks she goes down in the polls.

In Florida, Bush won the votes of 308,000 Democrats, that is 12 times more Democrats than Nader’s mere 24,000. Gore also lost 191,000 self-described liberals to Bush, compared to less than 34,000 who voted for Nader. In addition, half of all registered Democrats did not even bother voting. For about one million Florida Democrats it was: Vote Bush or don’t vote. If one percent of any of those categories had voted for Gore he would have easily won Florida.

An important (main?) reason why Bush (who was a pathetic, moronic candidate) won in 2000 is that the Dems nominated a boring, slightly right of center candidate (Gore) who failed to energize his progressive base. If Trump beats Clinton, the responsibility will lay mostly with the Democratic Executive Committee (which unethically tipped the scales toward Clinton) and for those who voted for Clinton in the primaries. Clinton polls worse in a matchup w/ Trump than many/most/all Dems who ran in the primaries. Why? Because of her extreme corruption, her hawkish beliefs, and her long list of Republican views. It is no wonder that Clinton is the most unliked Democratic prez nominee in decades (if not ever). It is no wonder that here in liberal Boulder, I see almost no Hillary campaign signs in front yards (a sure sign that a lot of folks on the left will be holding their nose and voting for a lesser evil).

Do You Oppose Hillary Due to Her Personality Rather than Her Politics?

I don’t care one whit about personalities. It is Hillary’s long list of right-wing policies that disgust and repel me. Like Obama, it appears that many progressives will look the other way with Hillary. In this case, not because of skin color, but because of gender (and being a Dem). If the Dems are supporting someone who has taken a long, sordid list of right-wing policy positions, I don’t want to have anything to do with the Dem Party or its candidates.

You Are Throwing Away Your Vote!

I refuse to throw my vote away on Hillary, who does not support ANY of my top 20 issues. I also believe there is much we need to fear about the significant damage that Hillary can do: She is likely to be even more of a warmonger than Obama (which is astonishing, given that Obama has been the biggest militarist prez in US history). She is in bed with Wall Street, which means our economy, our jobs, and our financial viability are in great peril. She is a cold-hearted Drug Warrior, which means millions will continue to go to and languish in prisons. She supports fracking and off-shore oil drilling, which is very bad news for climate change. She supports Citizens United, which is very bad news for our democracy. Lesser evil voting still gives us evil. And in this case, less evil is VERY evil. We should all be terrified of the fact that millions of Dems will vote for Republican Hillary. In sum, just think of the damage Hillary can do!

In my opinion, throwing away your vote is when you vote for a candidate who shares few if any of your values. On my list of the top 15 or 20 issues, Hillary does not support any of them. She scores a zero on my top issues. Voting for Hillary is therefore throwing away my vote. Voting for Hillary also sends the message that I think the 2-party system is fine and dandy. It also sends the message that the Dem Party should keep nominating Republicans like Hillary in the future.

When I vote, I vote FOR someone, not AGAINST someone. I am sorry that so many Dems have for so long only voted AGAINST someone: Voting against Bush, against McCain, against Romney. In each case, we are supposed to be scared of the Repub. Pay no attention to the Repub behind the curtain who is claiming to be a Dem. On my top 15 to 20 most important issues in America today, Hillary fails to support any of them. She scores a zero on my card. No surprise, actually, since she is actually a Repub. How can Dems vote for someone who is clearly a Repub? And please answer w/o trying to terrify me about Trump. I’m also sorry about how many people have gotten caught up in the manic hysteria our media is inducing about Trump. I’m much more worried about a Hillary presidency when it comes to nukes and other forms of warfare. Why are allegedly pro-peace folks on the left not vigorously opposing warmonger Hillary? And instead wanting to vote for such a militarist? Why is the media not blasting her on that (and being in bed w/ Wall St and Big Pharma) on a daily basis? Is that not their job?

Your Voting for a Third Party is a Form of White Privilege!

I have read this argument several times in the past and am not at all sympathetic to it. For example, it is absurd to think that voting for multimillionaire 1%er Hillary is supportive of lower income folks. It is absurd to think that voting for Hillary, who has been utterly corrupted by millions of Wall St/Banker money (and has been exposed as admitting her corruption by WikiLeaks) will be good for lower-income folks. It is absurd to think that voting for warmonger Hillary (who is supported by most right-wing war hawks because Trump is too much of an isolationist) will be good for the lower-income folks who are being killed and PTSD’d in US wars of aggression. It is absurd to think that non-straight folks are okay with a woman who has had a long career of opposition to LBGT rights. Here are more details on my own thoughts:…/hillarys-campaign…/

Clinton Cash (a book and documentary movie) is devastating. If even a fraction of it is accurate, it indicates a level of corruption on the part of Bill and Hillary Clinton that is head-in-the-sandbreathtaking, and exposes a shocking level of hypocrisy — their “liberal” statements seem to be easily thrown out the window when big money is offered to them. Upon leaving office, Bill and Hillary inform us they are broke. Today, they have amassed something on the order of $200 million. The book and movie indicate that this money looks very dirty.

Why Are You and Millions of Others on the Left Are Not Voting for Hillary?

You Are Only Voting for Prez and Not Working for State and Local Races!

My political work? Ever since I was of voting age, I have read an enormous number of books and articles about politics/candidates/issues. I do that throughout each year, regardless of whether we are in an election year. I very often talk w/ friends, family, and others about my political views, their views, and the merits of views. I regularly vote for the candidates at the state and local level who are most similar to my values. This election, for example, I will vote for a Green Party candidate for the CO US Senate. I ALWAYS vote and am ALWAYS registered. I will promote the Green Party and other parties/candidates after the election by reading as much as I can about the candidates/parties, and talking w/ candidates, friends, family, and others about politics. In other words, I do far more political work than 99 percent of those who only vote for major party candidates (nearly all of that 99% know almost nothing about the candidates they vote for because they don’t pay attention to political info).

Dom asks Hillary bullies: How Do You Get Dems to Vote for Repubs?

How do you get millions of Democrats to vote for a right wing Republican? Terrify them about the opponent of the right wing candidate. And make the right wing candidate a woman (so that the “Identity Politics” folks vote for the person regardless of their politics). I believe this is the Hillary and DNC strategy this year.

Don’t You Fear Electing Trump?

Voting out of fear is a Republican, right-wing agenda. Which helps explain why the Dems have nominated the most right wing candidate in my lifetime. The Dems are now the “kinder, gentler” Republicans. Who would have thought, 40 years ago, that the Dem party would be more supportive than the Repubs on war, more supportive of drug enforcement, putting way more than our fair share into NATO, more supportive of the Israeli govt, getting the vast majority of corrupting Wall St lobbying dollars, and giving Wall Street a free hand? In each of those categories, many of the Repubs are left of the Dems. Seems like there are two candidates but only one party — the corporate war party. Oh, I forgot: Hillary has worked with children in the past! That forgives everything. Not.

And for the record, there is much to fear about a Hillary presidency.

We Need to Keep Criticizing Trump as a MONSTER Over and Over again!

Can we please stop talking about Trump? We all know he’s a fucking idiot and I don’t care to hear anything more about him. Instead can we talk about how corrupt Hillary is, and always has been, so that we can hold her accountable for when she unfortunately becomes President? Everyone seems to have forgotten just how corrupt she is. And even with BBC’s and CNN’s recently published leaks of Hillary accepting money from Wall Street no one seems to be talking about it. Why? Doesn’t it bother you that she’s a liar, thief and crook just like most politicians before her? Doesn’t it bother you that she was on the Board for Walmart from 1986 to 1992 and served as their legal advisor? Doesn’t it bother you that she accepted money from Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and foreign dictators that give no basic human rights to their citizens? Doesn’t it bother you that she is OKAY WITH FRACKING AND DOESN’T WANT TO BAN IT!? Doesn’t it bother you that she’s been involved in scandal after scandal since day one?  — Virgil Mathias IV on Facebook, October 10, 2016

Trump is Far Worse Than Hillary!

Hillary is far more corrupt than Trump due to the massive campaign contributions she has gotten. Indeed, an important reason why Trump has gotten so many votes is that many find it appealing that he is using his own money much more than accepting campaign contributions.

If I were forced to choose between Trump and Hillary, I would, without hesitation, vote for Trump (note that I am likely to vote for Jill Stein or write in Bernie Sanders). No question about it. Trump is way better than Hillary on a number of issues that are extremely important to me. For example:

  1. He wants to be neutral regarding Israel. Hillary supports the Israeli government unconditionally.

  1. Trump has not been corrupted by huge sums of dollars from Wall Street or military contractors. Hillary has been corrupted to an extreme extent.

  1. Neoconservatives who are extremely hawkish are flocking to Hillary and rejecting Trump (accusing him of being an isolationist). Examples: Max Boot…

  1. The NYT says Hillary is the only hawk left in the prez race (as of May 2016).
  2. A long list of those on the far right are backing Hillary. Many on the far right despise Trump – not so much because of his sexism or racism but because on many issues, he is far to the left of the Republican (and Democratic) party.

  1. Trump would legalize marijuana in all 50 states. Hillary is a drug warrior.
  2. Trump thinks the US pays way more than its fair share of NATO costs and thinks we need to re-evaluate the alliance. Hillary wants to maintain the status quo with NATO.

Hillary Clinton is Not a Republican!

I disagree.

  • She supported the Iraq war (and likely has no desire to end the endless Afghan war, or the many other Middle East wars the US has gotten involved in). As Secretary of State Hillary used Bush/Cheney-style false intelligence as justification for levying of militarist aggression on Libya. In other words, she fully supports the ruinous “War on Terror,” which would more accurately be called the “War to Endlessly Fund the Pentagon & Create More People Who Hate the US.”
  • She supported the Patriot Act in 2001, and regularly supports other domestic spying proposals and civil liberties violations.
  • She was, according to the NYT, by far the biggest militarist and interventionist of all presidential candidates in 2016 (she is, unsurprisingly, supported by many nationally prominent Republican hawks, including Kissinger).
  • She was instrumental in fomenting a right wing coup in Honduras. Now, indigenous rights activists are being murdered by the regime.
  • She claims to be in support of immigration but as Secretary of State called for the deportation of children who were refugees from the murderous unrest in central and south America.
  • She supported NAFTA; the Clinton’s “Two-For-The-Price-Of-One” presidency’s so-called Welfare reform act — The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) — an act that cast more women and children into poverty than any event since the Great Depression.
  • She has been corrupted by huge sums of money from military contractors. Combined with her militaristic views, she is highly likely to pour even MORE money into the obscenely bloated Pentagon than Obama did (Obama set all-time US records for money going to the Pentagon). The US ALREADY spends more on the military than the next 8 nations in the world who spend the most on the military).
  • She supports the death penalty. She termed minority youth “super predators” while shilling for the Clinton administration’s Jim Crow 2.0 omnibus crime bill i.e., Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 — a racist piece of legislation that was the origin of the U.S. prison industrial complex. She reaped rewards for that years later when the largest private prison industry financed her senate campaign and both her presidential runs.
  • She served as a shill, lawyer and lobbyist for Walmart, Tyson foods, and the environmental destructive practices of the Arkansas timber industry. As a reward she was given a cushy spot on Walmart’s board, a paid position that requires no work, just the use of her name on letterheads.
  • She unconditionally supports the Israeli government.
  • She supports the US continuing to spend a disproportionate amount of funding on NATO (way more than other members of NATO).
  • She is a strong supporter of the utterly failed, ruinous war on drugs.
  • She is silent on the pressing need to revitalize passenger rail in the US.
  • She supports the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • As Secretary of State she organized the multinational corporate engineers for TPP, the trade deal that will kill the environment when combined with TiSA and TTiP and CETA, all of which Clinton helped organize, even though she is dodging it for campaign purposes.
  • She supports offshore oil drilling.
  • She supported the 2006 border fence legislation.
  • In the primaries in 2016, she raised over $20.3 million in Super PAC dollars, and $38.8 million in large donor contributions, including from Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and the for-profit medical lobby.
  • Her personal net worth is $21.5 million. The Clinton family now has something on the order of $200 million. She is, in other words, clearly a 1 percenter.
  • When she ran for president in 2008, she supported the second amendment, stood by her vote in support of the Iraq war, and opposed same sex marriage.
  • As a Young Republican, she worked for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign.
  • When the minimum wage was raised in Haiti to 61 cents an hour, the U.S. Department of State, under Madame Clinton, intervened on behalf of the corporate garment industry exploiting defacto slave labor and had the rate changed back to 31 cents.
  • She supports fracking.
  • She opposes reinstating Glass Steagall (or other Wall St regulations). She supported much banking deregulation that crashed the global economy in 08; moreover, the Clinton family has grown wealthy due to the quid quo pro involved.
  • Hillary is a great example of a “Rockefeller Republican” from the 70s.

I have not had a single lesser evil voter take the time to respond to any points on the above list (makes me wonder if it matters to lesser evil voters that Clinton is a right-winger, as not responding implies agreement with the accuracy of the list). One problem with the above list is that Clinton is infamous for changing her position on issues regularly to suit political or monetary interests. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to know where she stands from day to day. When one looks up “flipflopper” in the dictionary, there should be a drawing of her. One person told me it was unfair to refer to Clinton supporting Goldwater, as views change over the course of 50 or 60 years. But where Clinton stood in 1964 is of possible importance, as most of us don’t change our political views radically from our teen years to our adult years (and when views change from teen to senior years, they tend to move toward more conservative). Sure, it is possible Clinton no longer harbors Goldwater views, but it is unlikely that she has utterly rejected all of them (for example, she seems to be a Goldwater person when it comes to warfare). Another reason to consider her Goldwater support in 1964 is that it would dovetail with many of her current Repub views, and help explain her often Repub value system.

Summary: Lesser Evil Voting is Evil

The one thing worse than electing Trump as president is for millions of Democrats to vote for a Republican.

There is a noticeable lack of campaign signs in the front yards of politically progressive Boulder, Colorado this year. I’m confident that this is largely or entirely due to the fact that many Clinton supporters are embarrassed to be voting for a Republican (Clinton). Many/most Dems are voting for Clinton not because they are proud to do so, but because they are afraid of Trump. That is a sign that our two-party system is broken.

To those millions of Democrats who are voting for the “lesser evil” Republican in the 2016 presidential race: Would you vote for Trump if his opponent was Adolf Hitler? If not, why not? Trump is clearly a lesser evil than Hitler. How about Mitt Romney vs John McCain? Would you vote for one of them if those were the major party candidates?

I am utterly done with voting for a lesser evil (having to vote for a DINO like Hillary). Lesser evil voting has resulted in the Dems becoming increasingly right wing and perpetuates the downwardly spiraling shift to the right. Having to choose between a Right Winger and an extreme Right Winger is no choice at all. Certainly not what a democracy should offer. Hillary is more of a military interventionist than Obama (compared to Bush, trump-hillaryObama ramped up military spending — setting records for military spending in US history — ramped up drone warfare, continued torture, and intervened militarily much more than Bush). Not that I would ever vote for Trump, but unlike Hillary, Trump is a military isolationist — which explains why neo-cons HATE Trump and consider him to be an anti-Christ that will take a wrecking ball to the conservative movement (quoting Robert Kaufman).

If one considers Hillary’s positions on a number of issues, she is right of many leading Repubs over the past few decades.

If you pick the better of two shit sandwiches, you will keep being offered shit sandwiches. — Unknown

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Hillary’s Campaign Slogan: “I’ll Drive America Off a Cliff in Five Days! My Opponent Will Do It in THREE days!”

By Dom Nozzi

Hillary Clinton has an astonishingly right wing, Republican agenda in her 2016 Presidential campaign. See my blog:

Given this, how do supporters of Hillary Clinton strive to energize their Democratic, left-of-center base? How do they, in other words, differentiate Hillary Clinton from her opponent?

Since both major party candidates are on the political right, her supporters are left with the exceptionally weak tactic of lesser-evilism. Is it any wonder that she is neck and neck in the polls (instead of being double digits ahead) with a man who is perhaps the most disgusting, dangerous presidential candidate in history?

Bad. But LESS Bad Than Trump

Donald Trump is trigger happy and will start wars on a whim! Hillary will continue our endless wars in the Middle East (but will “only” kill 100,000 civilians instead of 150,000 by Trump), and continue to allocate “only” $500 billion to the bloated Pentagon (instead of $600 billion by Trump).

Donald Trump will destroy our environment! Hillary will support fracking, off-shore oil drilling, and the Keystone Pipeline, but will do those things more “gently” than Trump.hillary-positions

Donald Trump will give Wall Street bankers and big corporations free reign! Hillary opposes reinstating Glass Steagall (or other Wall St regulations), but she will nicely ask Corporate America to please not hurt families when they continue to financially ruin the Middle Class.

Donald Trump won’t regulate guns! When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, she supported the second amendment. But she is giving some thought to continuing the status quo on our existing gun laws.

Donald Trump is a billionaire who therefore doesn’t understand the Middle Class! Hillary Clinton is “only” worth $21.5 million.

Donald Trump will take away our privacy! Hillary Clinton supported the Patriot Act in 2001, but we are guessing that she did so grudgingly.

Lesser Evil Voting is Ethically Monstrous

I recently asked “lesser evil” Hillary supporters if they would vote for Trump if he were running against Hitler (since he is clearly more evil than Trump). One person showed that he was a lesser evil extremist, as he unapologetically stated that he would certainly vote for Trump in such a circumstance. Really? Hillary and her supporters regularly and hysterically note that Trump is a hot-tempered, unpredictable person and therefore it would be exceptionally dangerous for such a person to have his finger on the nuclear arsenal. I presume my lesser evil friend would share this understandable concern, as a military leader who would support a preemptive use of nuclear missiles (as Trump presumably would support) is a leader who is willing to vaporize several million people. So here we have my lesser evil friend claiming he would vote for Trump against Hitler to, as he put it, help avert the massacre of 6 million Jews. But to do that, he is willing to vote for a man who he fears is likely to kill, say, 5 million Iranians? Really? To my lesser evil friend, it does not occur to him that the ethical voting choice is obvious: Don’t vote for “6 million murderer” Hitler OR “5 million murderer” Trump. In what universe can an ethical person think that voting for a person likely to obliterate 5 million civilians is “acceptable” because it (potentially) averts 6 million being killed?


In sum, Hillary and her supporters can only proclaim that she is “LESS BAD” than Trump. Yes, she will drive us off a cliff, but will do it more slowly than Trump.

This is, to put it mildly, a less than inspiring message to bring out the vote. In response to Hillary’s utterly uninspiring, lesser-evil, right wing agenda, millions on the left will not vote, or will vote for a third party candidate. This infuriates Hillary’s supporters. Since her supporters cannot sing the praises of Hillary’s drive-off-the-cliff-more-slowly agenda, they are (appropriately) stuck with using Republican tactics: fear-mongering, name-calling, shaming, abusive language, belittlement, outrage, and bullying (“Yes, but Trump’s supporters do that WORSE!!”)

For example, in recent days I have had people tell me that “you’ve lost your fucking mind,” and that “you could start by maybe getting your head out of your ass.”

Oh, wait. I forgot. Trump’s supporters would be even MORE abusive.

Sorry. I will not vote for abusive rather than more abusive. I will not vote for someone who trump-hillarywill be a kinder and gentler war-monger-in-chief. I will not vote for someone who will be environmentally destructive but supports curbside recycling. I will not vote for someone who is an out-of-touch, uber-wealthy millionaire because she is “only” a millionaire.

My vote is too valuable to waste it on someone driving us off a cliff more slowly than her opponent. My vote will only go to someone who is interested in turning away from the cliff.


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