Arrest-Proof Yourself: A Review

Arrest-Proof Yourself (2007), by Dale Carson, clearly and alarmingly describes how our “justice” system is milking huge amounts of dollars (mostly from poor or otherwise clueless citizens) by arresting an enormous number of people for minor offenses (to keep large funding flowing to the system), and how the computer age means that many of us now have permanent, scary-sounding “criminal” records accessible to anyone in the “justice” system with Internet access (and including employers or banks or various other agencies). This is true even for those of us who have been relatively law-abiding (or who have had records “expunged” by a judge – which turns out to be impossible for a judge to do with the federal computer crime databases).150724

 One of the many revelations in the book that I was particularly outraged about was the fact that many police officers are so eager to make arrests that they will employ what the author calls “inciters.” The officer will get in the face of someone he or she is investigating, scream at the person, suggest that the person is breaking laws, and otherwise strive to incite the person to act out. If the person responds by swearing at the officer, running away, physically pushing back, or otherwise showing “defiance,” the officer now has the ability to arrest the person.

And the more arrests the officer makes, the more “merit points” are received, which can lead to promotions, salary increases or other awards.

The intro is so terrifying, shocking and eye-opening that I made copies of it to send to friends.

I also plan to buy the book to have in my library for future reference.

It is a must read for all local officials and citizens. The book is NOT about how to break the law and get away with it. It is about avoiding having your life ruined for unjustifiable reasons. The author is a former FBI agent who now works as a criminal defense attorney in Florida.



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